4/5/2008 - irrelevant epilogue

on a completely unrelated to anything note, i had the best moment i think i've had so far in memphis on the way home from the amvets store. we decided to take presley back up instead of the highway, and we hit the parkway and started heading back towards midtown, and "love and happiness" by al green came on the radio, and i rolled the windows down and turned the stereo up, and it all just clicked in a way that it hadn't really done yet. it made sense that we were here, what we're doing here, what we are. i don't think i can pin it down any better than that, and we didn't say anything about it at the time, it was just one of those moments that you have that you know is good and you don't want to ruin by pointing out. not that any of this is at all relevant to the point of this blog, i just...it happened that day, and i have this picture, and i wanted to talk about it. anyway after that we got home, dropped off our stuff and went down the street to the P&H, had show and tell picture time with Alex, ate some food, drank some beer, and called it a night. probably the most fun i've had here so far. getting settled in and adjusted has been really tough at some points, but things are looking up.

you stay classy memphis.

and thanks for stopping by.

but mainly, stay classy.


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