it's cheap, i know, but...


animal friends. i love this painting and if my walls weren't already in danger of giving out from the sheer volume of stuff i've got hung up on them i would have snagged it. everything about this is cool and if you don't like it then you don't have a heart.

four bucks.


come on...


they just don't make jokes this obvious any more. it doesn't happen.

this has got to be some kind of prank.

no? really?




what is it? (1)

cable box? no. electric compass? no, that makes no sense. intercontinental ballistic missile aimer? maybe, but i doubt it.

never mind, youtube has the answer!



comic nerds ahoy

just thought you'd like to know that the MIFA store (corner of vance and east downtown, check the map) has a couple of shelves worth of well preserved small press comics from the eighties - stuff like "JUSTICE MACHINE" here which while perhaps not the medium's finest achievement, is still pretty interesting (and basically like crack if you're a total comics nerd like me). i didn't notice until i was walking out the door but they're half off too, or they were that day at least so if you've got a buck fifty to spare then


there's some dumb stuff like hot rod magazines mixed in and whatnot but if you feel like sifting through that nonsense you could snag a whole lot of comics that are (trust me) IMPOSSIBLE to find in this shape at this price anywhere else...for financial and storage reasons i had to pass but i really hope they find a good home.

also of note currently at MIFA: 15 pack cases of Propel™ Invigorating Water (Citrus Flavor) for 2.50 and little boxes of white taper candles for a buck a pop and who doesn't need some of those?

luv ya kids be back soon



fondue, anyone?

new, unused, completely intact fondue set at the goodwill on highland st. 7 bucks. you can bet i bought it. our next pot lach is leaning towards hors d'ouvuereues or however you spell it so perhaps we'll bring a little fondue for everyone to snack on. who knows?


i almost bought this, just because i mean how often do you ever see something at a thrift store with your name on it, you know what i mean?


space cadets

this is the space hat.

these are my friends, will and ashley.

i leave it up to you to decide which one of them looks more adorable.

this is the community dolla warehouse on the corner of south main and east georgia, a brand new thrift store that i'll be doing a proper write up on in the very near future.

look forward to it.




umpty millionth nautical clock picture

i've heard of people collecting black velvet paintings - in fact once you start looking around there's a frightening amount of stuff out there about it:

WFMU Hallway Gallery Flickr
Indignico Inc
The Velveteria
Paintings of Snoopy on Black Velvet

jesus. anyway, point is there doesn't seem to be the same wealth of resources pertaining to something that's equally as ubiquitous (and for my money, every bit as funny): nautical painting clocks. oh, sure, you can buy a few here and there on ebay but come on! where's their web site? where's their museum? maybe it's because no one's really agreed on nomenclature just yet. nautical picture clock? boat painting with clock? nautical picture clock painting picture? i myself do not know, i just know someone needs to get on the ball about this stuff. dammit



lesotho coffee cup

taken at thrift town on winchester ave, my personal favorite thrift store in town. never slouches when it comes to coffee cups and silly kitchen equipment (this is the place that gave us the ROTATO! after all) they once again failed to disappoint with this BAD ASS piece of african folk sentiment. i guess when you live in lesotho you had better be pretty damn quick on the uptake or you are going to get left in the copious quantities of dust they have just lying around all over the place over there.

i've never met anyone from lesotho (lesothans? lesothians? lesothoites? a whale's vagina?) but i guess they must be pretty sharp to have survived for so long while being completely surrounded by south africa. anyone who's played risk for thirty seconds can tell you that's a pretty untenable position to be in, but i guess that's why you learn the damn game before the players have dispersed, huh? that particular proverb is gonna be kind of a bitch to try and work into casual conversation but i'll do my best, dear readers, rest assured.

catch you next time