the book, the monkey, and the golf clubs

that sounds like a children's classic just waiting to be written. anyway here are some things i've seen lately.

don't ask. really, you don't want to know. i'm not kidding.

i didn't run across enough interesting books this week for a sunday literary suppository, but i had so much fun writing the last one i'll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled...i may be scaring up a LOT of books in the not too distant future, so we might be dealing with a rather large suppository in a little while here, but you know the drill, dear readers, just close your eyes and think of england

i can't put my finger on what it is i found so disturbing about this. it was a little rubber monkey in a wooden box with a sheet of plastic across the front of it, that kind of bounced and wiggled around when you moved the box - i suspect someone just put it in there of their own volition, as i couldn't fathom any reason for it to be manufactured that way, but... nonetheless. maybe it's the color scheme, sort of "twin peaks" or something, but whatever it is, it freaked me right the fuck out. damn monkeys

and this week i finally put my golf clubs where my mouth is and decided to pick up a few from thrift town, considering they were two bucks a piece, and the bag was only five. so for (or should i say fore?) the total investment of like fifteen bucks i'm now a golfer! now i just have to figure out how to golf. oh well, whenever the weather warms up anyone's welcome to join me at overton park and see how long it takes us to get thrown off the course. i've been talking about doing this for such a long time that it was kind of surreal to actually bring all the shit up front to buy it, but it felt pretty cool at the same time. there is a smell, i should mention that, emanating from the bag, kind of an "old man's garage" smell crossed with the usual thrift store melange that everything usually has, but what the hell, we'll be outside (and inebriated), i don't think it'll be that bad. i wonder how fast those golf carts go? i bet they go pretty fast.

until next time



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