new store(s)!

your humble narrator voyaged out into the hinterlands last week to explore some of the further reaches of the greater memphis area thrifting experience, and was pleasantly surprised by what he found. photographs to follow.

the goodwill on e shelby drive, way out. see it on the google map of pain, to the right side of the page? it's that flickering light far off in the distance. by the time the light from that goodwill gets to us our children's children's children will be long dead. think about that for a while.

this was a pretty nice store, although they were embarking on a massive storewide repainting project that apparently necesitated covering up a lot of the merch with drop cloths

and dampened the cluttered, haphazard, find stuff lying around all over the place type of spirit that makes one want to dig around in a thrift store for several hours on end.

don't get me wrong, they still had some neat stuff, but it was a little... sparse.

i'm not sure i like, appreciate, or endorse this sentiment, but it made me laugh. and cringe. and fart. okay that was probably the burrito


i managed to snag this sweet bug eyed kid painting on black velvet for our good friend of the blog holly who asked me to keep my eyes peeled for them. so nice to able to spread the love like that occasionally.

and of course i got books. how could i say no to this one?

you should have seen the look the lady at the counter gave me when she saw this. i wanted to walk around the counter and give her a hug and say "don't worry lurleen, the scary picture of the gay man taking his shirt off is going away, it can't hurt you any more, i'll take it home and put it inside a locked vault where it will never meet human eyes again, i promise" and then buy her a pancake or something

snagged this book about historical hebrew pimp Benjamin Disraeli, part of the Time Reading Program thing that i'm pseudoobsessed with. they apparently published a mountain of this stuff so there's no hope of me ever tracking it all down, and it's more or less worthless as collectibles, i just love the aesthetic of these books so much that i can hardly ever put them down once i pick them up

did you know this was a serious problem? apparently it is. they have specials about it on the learning channel and everything. clutter. what a quintessentially american issue.

i'm a sucker for these "and philosophy" books - i'll page through the simpsons and philosophy, the matrix and philosophy, family matters and philosophy (apparently the character of "urkel" was nothing but an exercise in satire against post-hegelian constructivism) - whatever ya got. and being a total james bond fan this was a no-brainer.

anyway that's about it. there were probably more great finds there if i had tarried longer but the paint fumes were getting intense and i had a long day ahead of me, but this goodwill ranks right up there with most of the others in town and i'd definitely recommend a visit, for a change of pace if nothing else. the fact that it's out in the boonies sort of works to its detriment but the next time you find yourself cruising the farther expanses of east shelby drive why not pop in? tell 'em large marge sent ya.

until next time

your pal


7040 E Shelby Dr
Memphis, TN 38125
(901) 754-8500


theogeo said...

I am gonna need that Faggot book right here and right now.

The password is "woodgild."

holly said...

thanks! Im excited- also thanks for the new thrift store tip. ill have to head out there.

greenkarma said...

do you think Faggot would be school appropriate? 9th grade?