comic nerds ahoy

just thought you'd like to know that the MIFA store (corner of vance and east downtown, check the map) has a couple of shelves worth of well preserved small press comics from the eighties - stuff like "JUSTICE MACHINE" here which while perhaps not the medium's finest achievement, is still pretty interesting (and basically like crack if you're a total comics nerd like me). i didn't notice until i was walking out the door but they're half off too, or they were that day at least so if you've got a buck fifty to spare then


there's some dumb stuff like hot rod magazines mixed in and whatnot but if you feel like sifting through that nonsense you could snag a whole lot of comics that are (trust me) IMPOSSIBLE to find in this shape at this price anywhere else...for financial and storage reasons i had to pass but i really hope they find a good home.

also of note currently at MIFA: 15 pack cases of Propel™ Invigorating Water (Citrus Flavor) for 2.50 and little boxes of white taper candles for a buck a pop and who doesn't need some of those?

luv ya kids be back soon


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