lesotho coffee cup

taken at thrift town on winchester ave, my personal favorite thrift store in town. never slouches when it comes to coffee cups and silly kitchen equipment (this is the place that gave us the ROTATO! after all) they once again failed to disappoint with this BAD ASS piece of african folk sentiment. i guess when you live in lesotho you had better be pretty damn quick on the uptake or you are going to get left in the copious quantities of dust they have just lying around all over the place over there.

i've never met anyone from lesotho (lesothans? lesothians? lesothoites? a whale's vagina?) but i guess they must be pretty sharp to have survived for so long while being completely surrounded by south africa. anyone who's played risk for thirty seconds can tell you that's a pretty untenable position to be in, but i guess that's why you learn the damn game before the players have dispersed, huh? that particular proverb is gonna be kind of a bitch to try and work into casual conversation but i'll do my best, dear readers, rest assured.

catch you next time



ChiMeay said...

I took your lead and found a page of African quotes. One that doesn't seem to have stood the test of time is "you are beautiful because of your possessions." A little too materialistic for the average Monday morning coffee mug reader perhaps?

Alpha said...

Wait, did you buy this? If not, where did you find it? This mug was put out by my favorite Memphis Soul Classics radio personality, Mother Wit! I have another one of her mugs, but it needs a twin.