umpty millionth nautical clock picture

i've heard of people collecting black velvet paintings - in fact once you start looking around there's a frightening amount of stuff out there about it:

WFMU Hallway Gallery Flickr
Indignico Inc
The Velveteria
Paintings of Snoopy on Black Velvet

jesus. anyway, point is there doesn't seem to be the same wealth of resources pertaining to something that's equally as ubiquitous (and for my money, every bit as funny): nautical painting clocks. oh, sure, you can buy a few here and there on ebay but come on! where's their web site? where's their museum? maybe it's because no one's really agreed on nomenclature just yet. nautical picture clock? boat painting with clock? nautical picture clock painting picture? i myself do not know, i just know someone needs to get on the ball about this stuff. dammit


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