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continuing my voyages into the uncharted wilderness here, with the goodwill bookstore, down on goodman rd. in beautiful southaven, ms.

i drove right by this place at first, for two reasons. one, my directions kind of sucked. i wrote them though, so no excuse there. two, and i don't know if the picture does it justice or not, but this place is kind of small. and by "kind of" i mean "really really," especially considering that the entire rear half of it functions as a donation center.

this is about the entire size of it. i'd been hearing about this famed "thrift store full of nothing but books!" for quite a while from a few different people and places, so i guess i couldn't help but be a little underwhelmed by the actual sight of it, but that's okay. it's a nice idea, and it's a nice little store, even if i only came away with three books.

i guess maybe if i had any real beef with this place it would be that it's sort of lowering the general level of what you're going to find in most of the regular other goodwills in this area, book-wise, that is, by culling out all the stuff that the general employee populace seems to regard as "good" (frightening thought, that) and shipping it off to one store in the middle of nowhere in southaven that's the size of my storage unit. that being said, there were more than a few people browsing around when i was there, so maybe it's attracting a different class of customer, people who wouldn't "thrift" per se but have no objections to picking up a couple books on the cheap. if that's the case, then keep it up, one supposes, but i still found myself wishing this stuff had been spread around through the three other goodwill stores i went to that day. anyway here's what i got:

sarah waters, author of a book my wife read a while ago and liked pretty well called the fingersmith. this is her next one after that, and while i'm not usually much of a fan of this kind of stuff these look pretty well written.

how could i say no to this? it's pretty good, if sort of straight forward postapocalyptic zombie fare, originally serialized (and still available for free, along with its two sequels) here i guess someone decided to publish a bound version, and bully for them. give it a read sometime if you're hankering for a dose of the living dead. or, just go to wal-mart BAZING HOT-CHA-CHA-CHA-CHA!!!!!!

i discovered p. g. wodehouse's jeeves and wooster through watching, of all things, the tv show house, md. turns out that guy is actually british can you believe it?!??!?!?!? I KNOW!!!!!!! anyway not only is hugh laurie a simpering limey but he apparently had a long and prosperous career before he settled into his greatest role as a condescending handicapped drug addict who occasionally practices medicine, much of which consisted of working with one of my other favorite british people (it's not a long list), stephen fry. they had a pretty successful sketch comedy show for a few years but i think their best stuff is the adaptations of p. g. wodehouse's jeeves and wooster stories, all of which are available from the usual dvd sources. i won't say wodehouse is the most accessible author in human history - to be fair, he is writing from, about, and of a completely different culture and era - but watching the dvds was sort of a good primer, and i find the jeeves and wooster stuff pretty amusing now. anyway.

all in all a pretty neat little store, my previous gripes notwithstanding. the prices are along the same lines as the regular goodwill prices (1, 2, 3 bucks and then up for anything bigger like photo books, etc) which aren't great but they're not horrible either, and there's probably one or two things in there for anyone, so the next time you're in southaven and you find yourself thinking "i could go for a good book right now" well first things first congratulations because you just became the mayor! also go ahead and stop into to the goodwill book store, you can probably find something.

Goodwill Book Store
1514 Goodman Rd E
Southaven, MS 38671
(662) 536-8157



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