bibles for missions, house of grace

let's press on through the rest of this trek south of the border, shall we?

after the goodwill book store i popped down the street to the bibles for missions store on goodman rd, and there is only one word to describe this place.

COUUUUUNNNNTTTTRRRRYYYYY!!!!! shew! with a capital "whut?" it takes a lot to make the goodwill on chelsea avenue seem hip and urbane, but by good god damn they pulled it off without a hitch here, buddy! from the folding table full of free bible tracts next to the front door to the GIANT pile of gospel albums (10 for a buck if i remember correctly) to the... well, let's go the tape, shall we?

you can sort of judge the mental life of a thrift store by how the books look. this just made my head spin, especially after having just been in the goodwill book store down the street. now, i know, look i understand, this section assuredly doesn't have the highest turnover rate of anywhere in the entire store (the only halfway amusing thing i found was an autobiography of leslie nielsen with a bunch of fake pictures) but is it too much to ask maybe someone to come by every few weeks or so and at least make a couple piles of all the loose discarded neglected shit just lying around all over the place? i almost started doing it but i had a sort of "take only pictures, leave only footprints" moment and decided not to.

it looks like someone dropped a bomb on home depot and swept up the wreckage on some shitty metal shelves

what the fuck is this shit? seriously, what the fuck is the fucking point? can someone enlighten me? this stuff makes me think of 2 inch deep shag carpeting with 25 years of cat hair buried in it, one of those fake wood hunting picture clock things, and instant biscuits out of the fucking toaster oven. JESUS! this might as well be a commemorative dale earnhardt beer coozie. that's basically what i'm seeing when i look at this picture. a fur-covered toilet seat with something "cute" embroidered on it.


you know what was happening, when there was only one set of footprints? do you?

i won't spoil it.

bless this mess

this was the most interesting thing i saw the entire time.

moving on

next up was the "house of grace" thift store on main st, or "down on maiiinnn streeeetttttt..." as bob seeger would say. pretty apropos in this instance. i think this picture says enough about this place.

be back next time with a store i didn't loathe

Bibles For Missions
3828 Goodman Rd W
Horn Lake, MS 38637
(662) 280-6792

House of Grace
1652 Stateline Rd W (Main St)
Southaven, MS 38671
(662) 253-0041


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Courtney said...

That totally looks like crappy, cumbersome, water-filled vacuum my parents had when I was a kid. That's right I said water-filled, the top comes off pretty easily with a reservoir for water in the bottom. It was a strange device. It threw all of the stuff into the water rather than a bag. It was heavy and disgusting to empty. Should I look at it as ahead of its time, now that most are bag-less? Nah, still gross and weird.