goodwill southaven

okay, last and definitely not least on my voyage into destiny was this goodwill store on main street in southaven. by the time i rolled up here i was demoralized, dejected, exhausted, and generally just regretting the entire idea of going to mississippi to go to thrift stores in the first place. would this be the final blow?

hell no! this place actually rocked! it's really similar in size and scope and content to the goodwills we went to in jackson, lo those many months ago. it was love at first sight, even though my first sight was this:

it's okay, this was my second sight

that's right, it is literally the only action figure likeness of alfred molina you are ever, ever going to see, anywhere. guaranteed to produce a chuckle.

this place had tons of crap, and singlehandedly made up for the poor offerings from earlier in the day. decent prices, too - this table was only 20 bucks if i remember correctly

and this one was only 15. nice to see a thrift store that doesn't price shit like it's fucking stickley or something just because it has all 4 legs still attached.

this made me extremely uncomfortable. if you need an explanation as to why then don't worry about it, you're better off not knowing.

ahh, good old fashioned useless shit, so nice to see you again. this plastic device not only scoops coffee with one side, but it has a handy filter separator on the other! accomplishing what those boring, old fashioned "spoons" and "fingers" never could. thank god! i cannot imagine how this has remained unopened for so long.

if you look up "ridiculous shit that people find in thrift stores" in the dictionary there is a picture of this thing

REALLY nice pair of combat boots, a little too small for yours truly, but only like 10 bucks i think versus the what, 30, 40, maybe more you'd pay at any other place that cared to sell them? someone scored big time with these, i am sure of it

and of course pick-a-nick baskets. calloo callay!

it was pretty amusing to me that the last store i decided to stop at on this trip is probably the only one i'd considering going back to any time soon, and is also the most conveniently reached (right off the side of I-55) from memphis. lots of cool stuff, pretty good prices, and hell, after the other places i'd been through that day, how could it not be impressive? definitely recommended.

925 Main St
Southaven, MS 38671
(662) 342-7097


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